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Taylor Lautner is ready to break out as a leading man with this September’s Abduction, and we’re so excited to see him as an action star! To celebrate the film and Taylor’s amazing fans, we’re giving away an awesome trip to interview Taylor Lautner during Comic-Con. One lucky winner will star in our I’m a Huge Fan series, which means a trip to San Diego to meet — and interview! — Taylor in person with PopSugar. There will be a few fun surprises and challenges along the way, too! We’re looking for one of Taylor’s biggest fans, so prove you’re it by taking our trivia quiz about his amazing career! Check out the official rules here – it doesn’t matter how you score. If you’re not already a PopSugar member, register now HERE for free. The sweepstakes ends July 10 at 11:59 p.m. PDT. Abduction opens in theaters nationwide on Sept. 23!

21 Responses to “Enter For a Chance to Meet Taylor Lautner!”

  1. Julissa Chavez Says:

    I wish to meet taylor lautner because i have never met any celebrity and my house is boring and theres nothing to do. If taylor lautner did meet me i would freak out because im a crazed fan of him like sooo much. He is sooo dang hot and has some rockin abs. If you ever have a chance to see my room then you’ll see how much of a fan i am!!<33

  2. Chiara Jacumin Says:

    Il film che ha fatto Taylor lautner.
    Mi interessa tanto di vedere questo film! il titolo abduction!
    sei il mio fan. bacio

  3. Natalia Says:

    can fans from UK apply??

  4. Natalia Says:

    well i dont like it… :/ the thing is only for fans from USA !! they should give chances to meet Taylor to people from ather places aswell :( <3

  5. Viecky Says:

    only for fans from USA!??? :/ J’habite en France….

  6. George Says:

    Yes only US fans.

  7. Jyla Says:

    Once my cousin went to a midnight club and met Taylor Lautner! My whole room is devoted to him.I even have his one-of-a-kind-bio! Also I know Taylor’s favorite kind of ice- cream! Beat that. Anyways, on the movie Abduction I do NOT want Lily Collins to be with Taylor Lautner! It is just wrong. But I do want Taylor to be happy. But I am going to marry him one way or another!!:D

  8. Tammie Says:

    Taylor is very attractive but the reason I want to meet him is to get to know him. The only Taylor I know is the one that is in movies, not his real personality. It would be an amazing experience for a small town girl from the midwest. My walls are not plastered with posters of Taylor nor have I seen any of his movies other than the Twilight saga.

  9. Hannah Lassen Says:

    I am pretty sure that I am defiantly Taylor Lautner’s biggest fan. I have every app that is about him on my phone and my iPod. Also my room is completely devoted to him. He is the reason I began acting in plays in the first place. I have seen evey movie he has been in. Online I have watched every interview of him. I LOVE TAYLOR LAUTNER THE MOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Sami Contino Says:

    I love Taylor Lautner. I’m one of his biggest fans! I would like to meet him because I’ve never met a celebrity before and I think Taylor is amazing! I laugh a lot and I smile a lot- Taylor likes that. I have seen every movie he has been in and I liked them ALL. He inspires me to never give up. I even made a website about him! I even have seen every interview of him! I know EVERYTHING about him! Taylor is an AMAZING actor! I am the biggest fan EVER!!

  11. Marissa Says:

    I love Taylor lautner. I own all the twilight series even breaking dawn. My room is coverd with posters of him. I’m his #1 fan. He is so cute. I really want to meet him. I’ve been entering a lot of contests to meet him. I love him.

  12. Tori Says:

    If I got to meet taylor lautner I would be so happy cause I am like his biggest fan and I love him so mush

  13. Andreita Says:

    Taylor is the best and second cutest actor in breaking dawn.

  14. brianna rickman Says:

    i wish to meet tatlor lautner on May 6,2012 at 2:30

  15. brianna rickman Says:

    i like to meet taylor lautner because i’ve always wanted to date:may 6,2012 at 2030.

  16. Madyson bolden Says:

    I would lIke to meet Taylor launter because I have never met anyone ” cute and famous” <3 also my sister looks like Kristen Stewart

  17. Gema Brown Says:

    I would love to meet Taylor Launter because it seems we have alot in common and he comes across as a genuine guy,and plus he has got amazing eyes that i love!

  18. Gemma noon Says:

    Love to meet Taylor think he is beautiful , i remember as a child watching cheaper by the dozen and having a huge crush and been so jelous of the girl haha! He is an amazing actor love to meet him :)

  19. Jordyn De La Vega Says:

    I would love to meet taylor he seems like a really nice guy with a funny personality and just likes to have a good time. And he is a fantastic actor :)! Go Valencia Vikings!!!!

  20. Emma Says:

    I would be an amaze balls to see meet Taylor launter omg I love his abs to acting I also love everybody in twilight especially Ashley grene / Alice in twilight

  21. Emma Says:

    Love him he is sooooooooo SEXY HIS ABS IS AMAZING