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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAYLOR LAUTNER! would like to wish Taylor Lautner a very special 21st birthday. Thank You for sharing you’re journey with the rest of us, it is truly an inspiration. We’d also like to thank you for being HOT! Here is to another year of success, prosperity and more importantly health!

33 Responses to “A Special Message for Taylor Lautner…”

  1. Sonic Chung Says:

    Happy Birthday Taylor!!!!! Hope you have an amazing day!!! :DDDD

  2. Vjollca Selmani Says:

    Happy birthday my sweet love…hope that you are having a Nice Day… wish I knew you personally so I could give you a gift but I have send you a few gifts on…hope that you soon Will come to Copenhagen so I can show you around like you said I could when you come to Denmark…love you my Angel…happyyyyyyyy birthday my loooooove ??????????????????????????????

  3. katerina Says:

    happy birthday taylor I LOVE YOU<3

  4. Jenny Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Taylor Have a Wonderfull and Dorkable day =D <3

  5. Jay Says:

    Happy 21st birthday Taylor Lautner… God bless and more birthdays to come.

  6. Jessica Says:

    Happy birthday wishing you the best I hope it’s great :)

  7. elize Says:

    Happy bday Taylor. Hope you have one hell of a bash. Here’s to you….!!!!

  8. annic Says:

    Happy birthday taylor! Love you! Annic x

  9. julie_french_fan Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Taylor !!!!! I wish you full of happiness and at the same time sentimental and professional success !! Take advantage of this day !

    Your biggest fan French

    Julie !!!

  10. deebika Says:

    happy birthday to u toylor lautner . i am abig fan of u.your films are all amazing

  11. Sydney Says:

    ily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And i hope u have the best 21st b-day ever and dont get too crazy drunk!!!!!!!lol

  12. Mathilde Says:

    Hi Taylor ! I wish you a happy birthday .
    (Je suis française et ici tous le monde pense fort a toi!!)

  13. Carolina Garcia Says:

    I love Taylor Lautner he is my idel! Not only beacause his amazingly hot, but beacause hes an amazing actor=) ;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE UR IN A LOT MORE MOVIES …………..UR # 1

  14. Evelyn Says:

    Aw, happy birthday darling! And many more to come!!! ♥

  15. Carolina Garcia Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAYLOR!!!!! Your my idol and you are #1 love you! U THE BEST!

  16. Peterson McCort Says:

    I wish you a Happy Birthday TAYLOR, congratulations on this special day, and we are grateful to your kindness to fans, and keep it up ok

  17. daniele Says:

    Happy birthday taylor you are special be happy dear

  18. Kiarah Says:

    Happy Birthday love!!! Enjoy ur fun day…?

  19. Ashley Says:

    Wow can’t believe Taylor’s already 21, loved him since sharkboy and lavagirl, I wish him a very Happy Birthday and may he enjoy many more <3 :)

  20. Tracy Says:

    Happy 21st Birthday i hope u are havin a great day my sweet angel dont drink to much lol. today is ur day so enjoy it. you are such an amazing actor and a talented person . i wish i knew personally so i could send you a gift.!!! Happy birthday my sweet angel i love you :o) <3 <3

  21. Artasia Says:

    Happy Birthday Taylor, love you sooooooo very much. I hope you are having a wonderful bday, spending it with friends, family and love ones. I hope to meet you some day, that would be really cool. I live in Milwaukee Wisconsin hope you come visit some day. Love all your movies. :]

  22. nhania Says:

    Happy birthday Taylor wish you have a wonderful life .. you are an amazing actor ever..!!!!!

  23. javiera Says:

    Happy Birthday dear taylor, that the pass very well. i love you?

  24. javiera Says:

    I’m your fan # 1, I love you, you’re my idol

  25. nhania Says:

    Happy Birthday Taylor Lautner, wish you have a wonderful life. you are an amazing actor, a great person..

  26. swarneem priya Says:

    many many happy returns of the day dear…may god give you all the happiness and keep you smiling always…i wish i could wish you face to face…but some dreams never come true they say…anyways have a blast and enjoy….muuaah :)

  27. swarneem priya Says:

    <3 <3 <3
    i have left messages in your myspace please see them if you get time….muuaah :* :*
    Your crazy admirer-PRIYA
    from, INDIA (Asia)

  28. Bray Says:

    Happy Late birthday!!!! Im telling u this now cause your going to be my future husband! Love ya!

  29. sahra Says:

    Happy birthday OMG your 21 right now sorry that I understand l.ate but I wish you have a nice girl friend like swift or even again her I l.ove U sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much darlin

  30. dita Says:

    happy birthday taylor!! i miss u,i want u,i love usuccessful principal for u……:

  31. dita Says:

    happy birthday taylor…: may God blezz you….:

    from: dita,,,,indonesia

  32. Annisa Says:

    happy birthday taylor,,

    hopefully long life, healthy, and increasingly successful
    from: Annisa-Indonesia

  33. Carolina Says:

    my name is carolina i’m from portugal i dont know if you t know the cantry if you some day came to Portugal i love to meet you when you come to Portugal to Porto I live right by the airport and liked to have met you and welcome kisses