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PHILIPPINE STAR: What made you decide to partner with Bench? Had you heard of the brand beforehand?

TAYLOR LAUTNER: I hadn’t heard of it before, but when I found out about it, I went on their website, looked at all of their clothes and I loved a lot of it. As soon as I tried them on, I realized how comfortable they were and that’s extremely important to me. I need to be comfortable in what I wear or I just don’t want to wear it. Even if it looks good, if I’m not comfortable, I can’t do it.

What particular clothes or items from Bench do you like most?

Their simple stuff is really awesome. They have some simple jeans in different colors that are stretchy, loose, and comfortable. Also, some of their V-necks are really nice.

NY Mag’s Vulture and likability-measuring polls have often put you in the top 10, often above your other Twilight co-stars. How do you keep fickle Hollywood in “like” with you? Does public opinion matter?

Yeah, it definitely matters. To me though, it matters most what the fans think; they’re whom I care about. I try to be myself as much as possible. I think some people try to put on some sort of front and I just can’t do that. So with everything I do I’m just always myself and I have fun. It’s a blast what I do, and I’m very lucky to be doing this.

So do you hate the tabloids and paparazzi or are you just indifferent to all of it?

I don’t think you can say you hate it. I mean, is it frustrating sometimes? Of course. Do you just want to go for dinner and not get bugged? Absolutely. But by this point, you kind of realize it comes with the territory. You can get around it if you want, but sometimes you just can’t so you shouldn’t let it frustrate you too much.

You obviously keep in shape. Men’s Health, E!, GQ have all basically ranked you at the top of their hot bodies list. Is there a secret to staying fit? Are there days you just want to stay home, watch Breaking Bad, and eat cronuts?

(Laughs) Yes, there are several days where I want to eat cronuts and watch Breaking Bad. But for me, it’s all about hitting the gym a lot, playing a ton of sports, and just eating healthy.

What do you like to pig out on most when you get the chance?

I would eat a cheeseburger every day of my life if I could. Some late nights, I will eat pizza non-stop. Like, 10 slices of pizza. After that, I’d do some ice cream. Oh, and chipotle (a smoked hot chili pepper used in Mexican cooking)!

What do you look for in a girl? What’s your type?

As you can tell, I like to have fun. I’m also goofy and weird so I like someone who can just be herself, be relaxed, and not put up a front and open up. I’m kind of the same with dates. The more simple, the better because we can actually get to know each other and talk. If you’re doing all these extravagant things, which there’s nothing wrong with because sometimes you can, then that’s okay, but at the beginning it’s important to get to know someone first.

Do you have any upcoming projects that you’re excited for and can dish about already?

I just wrapped my movie, Tracers, two weeks ago. I was filming that in New York City and that was an awesome experience. It was very different for me and I’m really, really excited about it. It came together really well and I’m excited to see it myself as well as for all the fans to see it.

You’ve pretty much done it all. TV, like with Saturday Night Live, movies, and now you’re the face (and body) of a popular fashion brand. Is there anything else you’ve wanted to do aside from all that? Try your hand at the music business perhaps or release your own fragrance? What’s next for Taylor Lautner?

Certainly not the music business, I can guarantee that, because you guys would be crying right now if you heard me try to sing or play any instrument. A fragrance I’m not opposed to, but I’m a huge, massive sports fan –– all kinds of sports. I play sports for the fun of it with my friends all the time. I don’t know, somehow I’d like to be involved in the future with some sports team. I’m not sure how that will happen, but I am obsessed with sports.

And what’s your favorite sport?

My favorite is American football, but I could watch any sport to be honest.

* * *

After a big bear hug from him which allowed me to feel just like Bella for a brief moment, we got to know even more about Taylor, coolly dressed in a tailored blazer, jeans, and boots at the press conference which followed after as he shared details about his experiences working with Bench and his short stay in the country so far, as well as revealing more details about his new flick, Tracers, to be released some time next year. “I’m relaxed and I like to be myself,” he said in response to host for the evening Sam Oh’s question on why he thinks Bench chose him as their newest Global Benchsetter, “I think Bench is all about expressing yourself and being yourself so it was a good marriage.”

Prior to landing on our local shores, he had already heard good things about the Philippines and was excited to reach the country, even being greeted by a crowd of fans at the airport despite the early hours (I told you Twihards are hardcore). Of course the conversation couldn’t go on without bringing up Twilight! Unlike a number of his other co-stars eager to shed or move on from their Twilight past, Taylor only continues to be thankful for it and said affectionately, “That franchise means so much to me. We made those movies for the fans.” Asked about his new film, Tracers, which features parkour, a sport that involves running through a usually urban environment and quickly getting around obstacles that include leaping over walls and barriers, “It was an amazing thing. It required a lot of training. I had to make sure I knew what I was doing.” Taylor’s parting words clearly showed off his maturity even at only 21 years of age by saying, “I love to challenge myself. You can never stop learning and growing.”


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