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Taylor Lautner has been praised for his performance at the reading of “Boogie Nights” last week. Check out some of the praise below:

Lautner was perfect. He captured Diggler’s earnestness, sweet stupidity and eventual megalomania with an easy grace that makes you wonder why he hasn’t been given more interesting roles in films. Or maybe Diggler is just the perfect part for him. Either way, the audience regularly stopped to cheer Lautner for everything from his “I’m gonna be a big bright shining star” proclamations to his surprisingly moving portrayal of Diggler’s coked-out breakdown in front of Jack. But the biggest cheers came after Lautner sang, intentionally off-key, during the scenes when Diggler is attempting to become a rock star. – EW

Boogie Nights’s final scene — when Dirk unsheathes his sword alone in a dressing room — is the tragicomic cap on the story. Lautner, though game all night, did not stand up and drop trou. But he did raise his head from his script and lock eyes with the audience. Just as Anderson envisioned it: A self-aware slab of beef. A karate champion. A star. A big, bright, shining star. – Grantland

2 Responses to “Taylor Lautner Lauded for ‘Boogie Nights’ Performance”

  1. Isneyd Says:

    Este hombre me encanta, creo que es un actor genial y tal vez un joven extraordinario es hermoso y sexy, quiero conocerlo algún día, simplemente amo a Taylor Lautner.

  2. nisia Says:

    He is like a miracle.. Love YOU

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