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1. “The Lion King 3D” — $22.13 million
2. “Moneyball” — $20.6 million
3. “Dolphin Tale” — $20.2 million
4. “Abduction” — $11.2 million
5. “Killer Elite” — $9.5 million

Today is finally September 23rd and you know what that means? Taylor Lautner makes his debut as the leading role in Abduction’. You can check out stills from the movie HERE and HERE. Make sure to go see it in theaters and support Taylor! Let us know what you think of the movie!!

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Via Being a heartthrob to legions of young women and starring in an immensely successful series of movies might not be all its cracked up to be, although it’s safe to say most young men would love to give it a whirl. What happens when the “Twilight” fades, and the harsh glare of expectations focuses on what comes next?

For Taylor Lautner, 21, that’s the dilemma. As fans of the “Twilight” franchise can attest, he plays Jacob Black, the odd werewolf out in the supernatural love triangle.

On Sept. 23, Lautner will step into bold new terrain when his new action film, “Abduction,” comes out. The John Singleton-directed thriller stars Lautner as Nathan, a young man whose past is a mystery and who suddenly finds himself hunted by assassins.

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I’ve added 2 more exclusive ‘Abduction’ movie stills. Enjoy! 1 more day (a couple more hours for some people)!

Gallery Link:
» Movies » Abduction: Stills [HQ]

Gallery Link:
» Movies » Abduction: Stills

I’ve added 2 more exclusive ‘Abduction’ movie stills. Enjoy! 2 more days!

Gallery Link:
» Movies » Abduction: Stills [HQ]

Via Snark all you want about ‘Twilight,’ its fan base and its young stars, but the film series has become a cultural phenomenon over the last five years. Thank goodness then — by all accounts — Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are able to handle the immense fame that comes with the ‘Twilight’ territory. Lautner is the last of the trio to branch out on his own — and he does so with gusto in the new action thriller ‘Abduction.’ Is the soon-to-be erstwhile Jacob Black nervous about his first job as a leading man?

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Is Nathan like Jacob [from Twilight]?

Taylor Lautner: The character from Abduction is totally different from Jacob. The great thing about Nathan is that he’s just a normal high school kid, who has friends, parties and doesn’t really get along with his parents, all the normal things. But he has always felt a little different, like a little bit of an outcast. One day when he finds a picture of himself on a missing person’s website it kind of all comes together and he realises his whole life is one big lie.

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