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Taylor Lautner could’ve been a musical man!

M magazine caught up with Keke Palmer recently and she spilled about meeting the Twilight hunk at auditions for Fame, which hit theaters TODAY. Keke shared, “We were both up for roles in the movie, and we both didn’t get parts.”

Keke confessed later in her interview, “He wouldn’t have been able to do Twilight if he did Fame, so I’m happy he lost out.”

Are you happy he lost out?

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Seventeen-year-old Taylor Lautner is the youngest star in Twilight’s fantastical love triangle, but he’s an old pro at discipline. At 11, he was the top ranked global champion in four styles of karate; at 12, he won the Junior World Championship. The next year, Robert Rodriguez [Spy Kids, Sin City] cast him as the kiddie action hero in The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3D, followed up right after with playing one of the brood in Steve Martin’s Cheaper by the Dozen 2. As Twilight’s Jacob—the Quileute Indian high-schooler who learns how to transform into a werewolf just as his classmates learn to shave—Lautner was launched into international stardom, and the most surprising thing about it is the young athlete was first considered too scrawny to make the transition to the brawnier, more action-packed sequel, New Moon. One year and thirty pounds of muscle later (every ounce of which was breathlessly detailed on fansites), Lautner’s on the cover of magazines, he’s featured prominently on New Moon’s poster and, true to form, the young actor is already hard at work on the third installment in the series, 2010’s Eclipse. Though he’s hardly had a break since he first entered the dojo as a first-grader, Lautner’s in high spirits, laughing his way through an interview where he tells BOXOFFICE about his secret love for romantic comedies and whether he’d ever date a fan.

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Here is a new picture of Taylor & Kristen on the set of Eclipse

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I have added the new pictures of Taylor behind the scenes of New Moon in High Quality.

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Check out some new pictures of Taylor behind the scenes of New Moon.

Warning: Some photos may be too hot to handle!

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