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Thanx to Jen, who emailed me, I was able to add another Entertainment Weekly Outtake. If you have pictures, information or anything else Taylor feel free to email me at taylorlautnersource[at] Enjoy!

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-2009 Photoshoots: Ben Watts for Entertainment Weekly [MQ Outtakes]

Check out a hot new scan of Taylor in Teen Vogue.

ON WHY LADIES LOVE JACOB “If she likes having a really close friendship with a guy, being able to tell him anything, and then having that friendship slowly transform into something more.” (Uh, yes please! Unless it transforms into just playing fetch.)

HE’S SO FREAKIN’ HUMBLE “I think the fans would love anybody who played Jacob. I’m just lucky to be the one who got the chance.” (Whatevs, Tay! Stop being so modest. It just makes you that much more adorable.)

THANK YOU, BLUE POWER RANGER! Taylor says his old karate coach (who once played the Blue Power Ranger in the popular 90s TV show) helped him get into showbiz. “At first, I wasn’t interested, but he said I could stay at his house for a few weeks, meet with some agents, go on auditions.”

WHAT ABOUT SELENA? “She’s a great girl.”

AND ROBSTEN MANIA? “It’s crazy, but the fans help. They’re a big part of the motivation.”

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-2009 Scans: Teen Vogue

Q: How’s the new wig (paraphrase missed start of question)

Taylor: Thank you I think it does looks pretty natural it’s not as itchy, its not in my way- we’ve got a good team.-Yea everybody’s really awesome on the set

Q: Did you actually get a tattoo??

Taylor: I did not. no no no no no

Q: Is it henna? What did they use?? Is it stick on?

Taylor: Yea- just like normal tattoos like you get from the 25 cent machine- it’s obviously a little bit more than 25 cents-yea just stick the towel over top and water- works pretty nice…

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SPOILER ALERT…only click the picture, to see the details.

I have added 3 high quality Comic Con portraits of Taylor & the Twilight gang as well as 6 more medium quality portraits from Comic Con.

Medium Quality Photos

High Quality Photos

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-2009 Photoshoots: Comic Con Portraits [HQ]

MTV: Kristen, in your opinion, how is the relationship between Bella and Jacob in “New Moon” different than the one between Edward and Bella in “Twilight”?

Kristen Stewart: It’s such a different relationship; it’s like entirely original.

MTV: It seems much more playful.

Stewart: Yeah, exactly. They’re light; they actually have fun with each other. Edward and Bella are always so strange, you know?

Taylor Lautner: It’s always so tense.

Stewart: And only he can bring her out of that rut. Like, she literally is going to die; she’s going to stop eating and be done. And the only thing that brings her out of it is this lightness [Jacob] brings.

MTV: What is one of the main things you’re eager for us to see when “New Moon” hits theaters in November?

Lautner: I think the biggest thing you learn is that I disappear for a while, and she starts going through a separate depression. You go into a depression — would you call it that? — when I leave.

Stewart: Oh my God, yeah.

Lautner: Then she comes back to discover that I’m a werewolf, so that’s the big boom. Yeah, I get to transform into a werewolf a couple times, which is awesome.

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Thanks to his performance as lovelorn werewolf Jacob Black in The Twilight Saga and his years of acting in movies and television, Taylor Lautner is an upcoming international star with an already established global fanbase. The Taylor Lautner Album recounts his life and career to date, from his formative years in Michigan and early martial arts achievements to his first television roles, his lucky break in The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D, his devotion to his fans, his experiences auditioning for and making Twilight, and how he had to fight to be recast as Jacob Black in the sequels by embarking upon a punishing gym regime. It also explores life on the New Moon set, Lautner’s relationships with his costars, and his plans for the next films in The Twilight Saga. Illustrated throughout with stunning, full-color photographs, this book is a worthy and beautifully crafted addition to any fan’s collection.


I have added scans from Pops UK & Popstar Magazine as well as more merchandise photos. Thanx to TwiFans for all of these.

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Check out this exclusive scan of Taylor in Love Magazine. Wow that photo of him is cool!

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-2009 Scans: Love Magazine

I have uploaded a picture of the Taylor’s action figure. For more information click here.

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