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I’ve added photos of Taylor Lautner at the Princess Grace Foundation Cocktail Reception two weeks ago.

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Check out photos of Taylor Lautner arriving at the Drake vs. Lil’ Wayne Concert in Los Angeles yesterday night.

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Rachel and Ben find an unexpected person in their bed.

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Top 5 Twilight Fanfiction

Twihard twiread twilight twifanfic twinow!

There have been some very famous fanfics of the Twilight Series (not mentioning any names, *ahem* 50 shades *ahem*). But there are some hidden gems in this dedicated fandom’s fanfics and we’re here to bring them to you. Here’s our top 5, from the fang-tastic peeps at Movellas [insert link:] Enjoy!

1. Nayeli

‘She loved him first…’ This story is about Jacob’s relationship with a girl called Alice before he turns wolf and before Bella moves to Forks. Bella soon arrives and she’s not as innocent and unassuming as the original Bella we know and love. Read here to see how this alternate love triangle pans out…

2. A Cullen Halloween
A Cullen Halloween

Set just before the Twilight series begins, this super short story is an endearing insight to Edward’s ‘pre-Bella’ mind. Written from our favourite tormented vampire’s point of view, the story depicts a small scene where the Cullens are preparing for Halloween by carving pumpkins… by hand, of course! Read here now!

3. Slow Life
slow life

We know that Edward is no spring chicken. And Bella is described as having an ‘old soul’… But what if both Edward and Bella were actually thousands of years old? In this story, Bella’s soul is reincarnated every time her physical body dies. As Bella Swan, living in Forks, she is in search of Edward’s soul, who usually reincarnates with her. Complicated? Yes. Worth the read? Definitely.

Read here

4. The Night Before
the night before
The night before you get married has to be one of the most exciting/ nervous times of a person’s life… we’ve all read and watched Bella’s ‘night before’ but this story rewrites that night. And rewrites Bella’s character too… Read here to find out where this talented writer takes their storyline.

5. Wolf Boy
Wolf Boy
The Twilight Series introduced us to the greatest love triangle since… we’re not sure since what but it’s a pretty crazy love triangle. We’re finishing up our list with some #TeamJacob fanfic. Because warm hugs are the bestest. Read here for some well written mushy wolf action!

Make sure to head over to Movellas for more Twilight fanfiction. Happy reading!

Check out 2 previews of Taylor Lautner in Episode 1 of his upcoming UK series, Cuckoo. Series 2 of Cuckoo starts Thursday August 7 at 10pm on BBC Three and BBC Three HD.

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